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Free Quick Start Tarot Guide

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This course is no longer offered as a separate class, but instead is now offered as a free sample for the Quick Start Tarot Kit.

First time reader? Or maybe you have some experience but just got a new tarot deck? Either way, grab my quick start tarot guide to learn the fastest and easiest way to read tarot cards. Bonus: My method also gives you the most accurate interpretations! No books required, no years of study, no memorized meanings, and yes — shocking but true — no keywords. Just cards, images, and stories. If you don’t know anything about the tarot and you’ve just opened a brand new deck, I’ll show you how to do your first reading!

Here’s where to start! Do your first tarot reading right now with my free Quick Start Tarot Guide. My simple guidelines show you how to find your answers in the card images. And telling the story that connects the cards is easy when you know what to look for.

This four-page full color guide doesn’t bore you with a lot of instruction. Instead, get straight to the point with my fill-in-the-blank format. First, lay out the cards according to the tarot spread worksheet. Then follow my unique interpretation guidelines for fresh, accurate insight into your questions and quandaries. No card meanings. No keywords. My “say what you see” approach leads straight to an answer that’s in your own words.

Advice that’s perfect for you, inspired by the tarot.


This course is now offered as free sample lessons for the Quick Start Tarot Kit. Please visit that page to get the freebies!

This course is totally free. The 4-page color worksheet is available to anyone to download and print. If you’d like to also see me perform a sample tarot reading, please register for the class (no charge, no credit card required) and you’ll get the Sample Reading video as well.