Tarot Meditations

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Tarot Meditations

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Let’s turn it all off with some tarot meditations. One benefit of meditation is that it moves us out of the analytical mind into a more expansive awareness. As a result, using tarot card meditations can create opportunities for insight beyond what you would experience in straight-forward tarot readings or study. But one of the best outcomes of a regular meditation practice is the opening of insight, intuition, and psychic abilities.

Adding tarot meditations to our reading practice and tarot study helps us keep a balance between knowledge-based and insight-based practices, integrating both sides of the brain. The practical result is powerful, inspired, clear, and detailed readings.

In this practice-based pre-recorded workshop, you’ll try several tarot meditations, from a very simple fixed gaze meditation, to a breathing technique using image, color, and sound, and finally to the immersive experience of entering a card.

Recordings of these meditations, plus several bonus ones, are included to jumpstart your own practice.

The Tarot Meditation Course Includes:

  • 90 minute video tutorial
  • 14-page handout with written instructions for five tarot-based meditations
  • Can’t visualize? No problem! Handout discusses what to do if you can’t visualize
  • Free preview provides instructions and audio recording of the Fourfold Breath with Tarot Aces Meditation
  • Video recordings plus mp3 audio recordings of three meditations: Gazing Meditation, Color Breathing Meditation, Entering a Card Meditation
  • Bonus mp3 audio recordings of additional meditations


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