Joy Vernon Classes

Explore your soul and expand your mind with classes in tarot, astrology, qabalah, meditation, mythology, and esotericism.

Increase Your Intuition

Decisions are easy when you're working in harmony with your inner wisdom.

Connect to Spirit

Find your unique path with the simple confidence of being guided by Spirit.

Be Completely You

Discover your best self and express it freely for a fulfilling life.

Current Classes

Keep checking back as I add more classes!


Magician’s Tools Beginning Tarot

The Magician’s Tools offers fun and creative interactive exercises to introduce you to the cards. Trust yourself and find your answers in the pictures themselves. Best of all, no memorization is needed and you can leave your tarot books at home!


Quick Start Tarot Kit

My unique and creative approach is based on over 28 years of teaching tarot. I’ll help you do fresh, accurate, relevant readings right from the start.

Free Quick Start Tarot Guide

Do your first tarot reading right now with my free Quick Start Tarot Guide. My simple guidelines show you how to tell the story and find your answers.

cloaked woman in dark woods

Heart of the Dark Woods

Resolve your biggest block for a freer, clearer, more optimistic sense of self. Grounded in astrology and visualized with tarot to be uniquely you.

Free Preview!

Tarot Meditations

A regular meditation practice opens insight, intuition, and psychic abilities. When combined with study, the result is powerful, inspired, clear, and detailed readings.


Exploring the Tarot

An elementary tarot course. Understand symbolic pictures, become the teller of the spoken image, resolve problems, and gain insight into yourself and others.

What Our Students Have to Say

Joy is an excellent instructor. What most impressed me was the creativity of the exercises she used to convey the concepts that we used in class. She incorporated mythology, practical everyday knowledge, and intuition into her teaching methods, and was effective in communicating those insights into her class. Her classes are also energizing and challenging.
From anonymous class evaluation
JANUARY 8, 1994
I’ve read before (the last year or so semi-professionally), and the class continued to provide new insights into the tarot. Books are fine, but real learning requires interaction and conversation that this course provides.
From anonymous class evaluation​
JANUARY 8, 1994
Joy has a gift for awakening the reader in even the most beginning student. She has had to wean me off of the books which, I think, is her biggest challenge and top goal.
From anonymous class evaluation
MARCH 17, 2011
I am addicted. Using the visual images as the information forces you to think and draw on experiences and intuit meanings. I LOVE THIS CLASS!
From anonymous class evaluation
MARCH 17, 2011
I feel as though I can read any deck intuitively now. I have taken several tarot classes and this is the first one that I feel that I have gotten anything positive out of. Awesome! The exercises were fantastic and your help and willingness to help me get past my blocks were just wonderful!! By far the best tarot class I’ve taken.
From anonymous class evaluation
APRIL 13, 2012
Joy Vernon is a generous, creative, inspiring teacher who genuinely cares about her students. I enjoyed every class and looked forward to the next. I miss them.
From anonymous class evaluation
SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
This helped me focus on the images and symbolism—not the book meanings—which is exactly what I wanted!
From anonymous class evaluation
SEPTEMBER 14, 2015
I feel thankful for this course. I truly got out of it what I had hoped to and now am excited to keep learning and improve my skills by reading for myself in my own spiritual practice as well as others. Joy is a fantastic teacher with amazing, original exercises that are both profound and fun! Her wealth of knowledge is seemingly endless, as she draws on many esoteric traditions, mythologies and spiritual practices. I highly recommend this course!
From anonymous class evaluation
SEPTEMBER 14, 2015