Your First Tarot Reading

Are You Ready to Do Your First Tarot Reading? it’s Easy with My Quick Start Tarot Guide!

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After teaching tarot for twenty-eight years, I asked myself, “What is the one thing I would say to a brand-new tarot reader?” If you’re a brand-new tarot reader, if you’ve just brought home your first deck, or if you want to return to beginner’s mind with the tarot, start here! Do your first tarot reading with Joy’s Quick Start Tarot Guide!

About the Tarot

What is tarot? The tarot is a set of cards that uses images to form stories that reflect our truth, guide our choices, and inspire our lives.

What can I use tarot for? Predictions * Advice * Wisdom * Study * Meditation * Magic * Initiation * Games * Brainstorming * To Know Yourself

How do I learn tarot? Get to know the images. Ask the five questions to understand the card. Then tell the story by finding the action in each card.

Ask the Five Questions

  1. Who is the character?
  2. What are they doing? The action, expressed as a verb, is the most important because it gives the plot.
  3. Where are they?
  4. What props and decorations are in the scene?
  5. What is the mood or atmosphere?

Tell the Story

  • Plot and Character are the most important elements of stories.
  • Plot is the action, or sequence of events.
  • Character is the people involved, their how and why.
  • Plot is the most important because life is composed of actions.
  • The actions we take determine the outcome of our story.
  • Action = verb. Things we did, are doing, will do or could do.
  • When we look for the action in each card, the spread provides a to-do list of steps to reach the outcome we want.

Getting to Know You

Do Your First Tarot Reading with Joy's Quick Start Tarot Guide! A winged elf in the cup of a pink flower leans her head in her hands and gazes out contemplatively, with two cute insect-like creatures below.

The tarot wants to speak to you. The tarot is your subconscious (or higher self or guides or Spirit) communicating
with you. So it’s not trying to confuse you or use vocabulary you don’t understand.

Trust yourself and the process. This helps you understand the cards.

The tarot will grow with you. Just like a good friend, it will get to know you and you will get to know it. Over many years you will learn all about each other. Your discussions will get deeper and more soulful.

I wish you a long and fulfilling relationship with the tarot!

What’s next?

  1. Remember to download the Free Quick Start Tarot Guide. To find it, click the “Materials” tab at the top of this lesson.
  2. Watch the Sample Reading for a demonstration of the process as well and tips and insight.

Have fun doing your first tarot reading!

Free Quick Start Tarot Guide

Ready for your first tarot reading? This four-page full-color workbook includes an introduction to tarot, how to read tarot images, and the one thing you need to turn your cards into stories. You also get a tarot reading worksheet with interpretation guidelines. You provide the deck. Dive right in and do your first tarot reading!