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Quick Start Tarot Kit

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My unique and creative approach is based on over 28 years of teaching tarot. Whether you just brought home your very first tarot deck or you’ve been studying on your own for a while, I’ll show you exactly what it takes to do fresh, accurate, relevant readings every time, right from the start.

Why Choose Quick Start Tarot?

It’s Your Life. Easily see actions, people, and symbols from your life in your tarot spreads.

From Start to Finish. Every card reveals a step you can take toward your goals from first spark to final reward.

Your Way. The Quick Start Tarot process gives you the tools to read the cards your way. So you can live your life your way.

The Quick Start Tarot Kit includes:

  • one-hour video tutorial
  • 30-page full-color workbook
  • my 8-step process for doing a tarot reading
  • tarot reading worksheets
  • over thirty 2- and 3-card tarot spreads
  • mp3 guided meditation to activate your energy (great for increasing your intuition)
  • four elements coloring pages
  • and more!


$15. Enroll now and get instant access to all course materials.