Quick Start Tarot Sample Reading

See a Sample Tarot Reading

In this video lesson, I perform a sample tarot reading using a deck I’ve never seen using my Quick Start Tarot Interpretation Guidelines. You can follow along step by step as you do your first tarot reading. I also share a lot of tips and insights that will help a brand-new tarot reader perform deep, insightful, powerful, and transformative tarot readings from day one.

I’ll demonstrate how to:

  • Open a new deck 🙂
  • Shuffle and pull cards
  • Record the layout on the spread worksheet
  • Follow the interpretation guidelines step by step to perform a reading for myself
  • Tell the story with the cards
  • Answer the question based on my interpretation of the card images

Interspersed with my own musings as I work through the spread, I share my insight and experience from thirty years of reading and teaching tarot. You’ll learn to embrace not knowing, watch how I explore symbols from a personal point of view, discover Miss Marple psychism, and experience the power of embracing obstacles.